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Screenplays (Completed)

 Sweetness In Life (c)1998 (Suspense/Thriller)

Falani Ford life is altered after being raped with the help and love of Narime Narasse, she is able to overcome and move forward in her life.

Velvet Velocity (c)1998 (Action)

Velora Wise is about to face her legacy that her father has left for her. When she is accused of killing her father, she becomes Velvet Velocity to avenge her father’s death.

Connected Series (Faith-Based)

Angel: The Blessing (Prayer: Book 1) (c)2011 (Action/Musical)

Angel, an angel in Heaven, falls in love with Anajee’, the human, that he is watching over on earth.  When Jesus chooses him for a special mission, Vindell, his best friend in Heaven, turns on him and joins forces with Fox, Satan’s number one demon, to destroy Heaven for being past up for another promotion.  Angel and Anajee’, with know love and lost with each other through music and song. 

Chris Rob as Christ Sings Clips from Angel: The Blessing

Spirit: The Truth (Sermon: Book 2) (c) 2011 (Action)

Shekinah and Rampel, two angels, together in Heaven but are separated on earth in their human forms.  They are the keys to the new world, if they don’t remember who they are by midnight December 31, 2012, the new world will never be. 

A Distant Past (c) 2012 (Action)

Tenison Lampton, III, a Chicago History Professor, is about to discover his lineage to Ancient Egypt.  Because of his work, he was able to obtain a grant to take his class to Egypt to study the ancient pyramids.  However, recently, he has been has been having visions of Egyptian Dieties and symbols.  It’s there when he has no choice to come to terms with who he actually is King Geb who restores Africa to its natural glory.

Spect Projects

For TaigerLord Films

72 Hours (c) 2011 (Action)

Top governmental office belongs to a peace treaty between one country and USA.  There is criminal plot to kill Gov. Office.  It is going to be blamed on US to start war and sell high-tech weapons to highest bidder.  A war between that country and US can be stopped with proof of conspiracy.

Let’s Watch A Movie (c) 2012 (Comedy/Horror)

It’s a Comedy/Horror flick of a young group of people Jared, Marlena, Dawson and Letty, watching a horror flick however the real movie takes place on the tv screen, a vampire love story between Valicia & Vincent.

Journey to Freedom (c) 2005 (Action)

Nathaniel Monoff s, based on real life events, terrific adventure from the green pastures of Ethiopia to America.

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