VCT About

Verinia C. Taylor, a Chicago Native, moved to New York, NY in June 2001. At an early age, Verinia demonstrated a love for the performing arts.

Verinia’s fascination with writing started with lyrics, poems, and short stories. Writing allowed her to express how she was feeling about certain situations.

However, there were 2 movies that changed her life. “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “The Wiz”, the significance of these¬†movies showed an all people acting, dancing, and singing together.

In June 1998, Verinia graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BA in Film/Video Production. 

With her passion to make her mark on this industry, Verinia C. Taylor is definitely an ambitious Film/Music/Video Writer/Producer Entertainer & Event Planner to watch out for…

“I want to make movies that hit you in the gut, but you feel good afterwards.”